Make the Leap to Better Form Building


by 123FormBuilder

You’ve surely heard us talking about it for some time now – our new and powerful form Editor!

In case you haven’t got your hands on it already, now’s your chance. We’re rolling the Editor out for everyone this week. While inside the old Editor, you’ll be prompted by a message at the top of the page to make the switch.

So if you’re eager to use it, click on the button below and start having fun with it!

What’s New

We’ve added in a whole bunch of improvements that will make your form building experience even better than before.

First off, we’ve remade the interface by simplifying everything to make it much more intuitive and friendlier. The drag and drop gesture feels as natural as assembling Lego bricks, with form elements fitting in perfectly wherever you want.

To take full advantage of this change, we’ve brought the Themes section inside the Editor so you don’t have to change screens when you’re fine-tuning stuff around. This way you can get really creative by seeing the form change style in real-time when editing it from the sidebar menu.

In terms of performance upgrades, you’ll have to strap on your seat belt from now on – form rules now run up to 100x faster! That’s right, no more friction or delays for your customers. Besides the speed, the new Editor was built on a very flexible architecture. That means we’ll be releasing new features much more frequently than before.

How will this affect your forms

Since the new editor has been completely re-written, your form’s themes will be affected. We have added a way for you to import the old themes you’ve created to the new version of the editor. To do this, you’ll have to go to Themes -> Change theme -> Import themes. You can also do this by migrating the form to the new editor through the message on the top. After the form has been migrated, you will see a green confirmation message with a link which automatically migrates your old themes automatically.

Your other settings and form fields will remain the same, so don’t worry about having to build the forms all over again!

How do I get it?

As we’ve mentioned above, the new Editor is now live for everyone. To enable it on your account, follow these steps:

1. Go to your forms and select to edit a form

2. Once inside the Editor, a message will appear prompting you to migrate this form to the new Editor.

3. Click on Convert form to enable it

new form editor improvement in 123formbuilder

So, what are you waiting for – go try the new Editor out yourself!

In case you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our support team – they’re standing by to help you make a smooth transition.


  1. Out of all my forms I only had the option to convert come up on one of them. So I did that. All others just come up when I hit edit and no option to convert.

  2. What will happen if I don’t convert it because I gonna redo the style after converted. I have more than 300 forms. Imagine 15 minutes for each form customization…..

    1. Hello, Juno! For those who need to be omitted from the migration on the new editor, you have this possibility. All you have to do is to send us at your email address and/or your account ID. Although also you have to know that if you have an issue with the forms in the future, the fix will be not possible without having the new editor. For any extra details, please contact our Support team and they will immediately help you. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi 🙂 We are trying constantly to improve our 123FormBuilder platform by using the user’s feedback. A negative review it’s a constructive one for our product. Have a great day!

  3. My work progress has issues saving. I just invested 1 hour of work and went to go setup the links on my home page and the form never updated the new changes I made to it!! So frustrating!

  4. You messed our forms esp we who use wix. the new form is worse. atlst you should have left an option to switch back to the old version. the calender was messed up, countries list etc etc.

  5. I would have expected that we would be notified that there was a change to the system BEFORE my forms disappeared !!! This is really bad and my forms on my websites don’t work anymore! Terrible service and won’t use again!

  6. Another issue. When you click the clear form button, rather than staying with the form as previously occurred, the viewer is moved to the top of the page. Also annoying.

  7. Hi,

    Some of the design settings aren’t saving when the form is published on Wix. e.g. text box colour highlight changes, although visibly working in the preview mode, they aren’t changing when published. Another example, typing CLEAR for clear button, keeps on reverting back to “clear and start again”. Please assist.

  8. Hi URGENT HELP! I switched over to the new editor and published a form to my website, when testing it on the mobile I noticed you cannot input a date field (i.e date of birth) which is paramount to the info I am collecting. the submission field mouths dd/mm/yyyy but when you put in the date you end up with something like d17d/m0m7/yy19y80y, any attempt to fix it throws you out of the form. I’m using my phone as 90% of my customers use theirs. its fine on the desktop.

  9. Hi there 123Forms. In the old editor, multiple responses to multiple questions can only generate a single attachment. Can the new editor fix the issue where a Rule response to multiple questions calls for a multiple attachments sent back to the responder?

  10. I note that the Number field will not take Zero ‘0’ at the beginning of the string now. Which is causing me an issue as I’m using it to collect International phone numbers.

  11. I do not like this new editor at all… nothing about it. Please make it possible for us to choose if we want to use the new or old editor when we create new forms…

    1. Hello,

      Once the form is converted to the new editor it can be reverted back by the Support Team. You can contact them by sending a mail at or on Live Chat within the platform. They will immediately help you.

      Thank you!

  12. What happened to two-column layout? I like the new look, but when I converted my two-column form it became one column

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