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DfG Kit Request Form
Days for Girls Australia

This form is to order DfG Kits for distribution.
If you are ordering an example kit, please do not use this form. Order online in our DfG Kit Resources Shop

DfG Kits ordered via this form are created by our volunteer teams IN AUSTRALIA.
After submission of your order, we will contact the team nearest to your location for fulfillment of your order.

If you are traveling to an area with an existing Center or Micro-Enterprise, please consider ordering directly through them to support the local business. If you choose to do this - please exit this order form and use the DfG Kit Request Form (Center or Micro-Enterprise Orders)
Days for Girls Chapters and Teams rely on your contributions for material costs of creating DfG kits.
Material costs alone are approximately $13 per DfG Kit, not including laundering costs, equipment, and the hours of loving care that it takes to construct each and every one.

Donations are encouraged to create future DfG Kits for distribution to women and girls worldwide.
If you have been working with a DfG Team or Chapter, and that group's leader has instructed you to enter "Chapter/Team Voucher" for your payment option, you MUST enter in the voucher code at the end of this form. Doing so will zero out your payment total.
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Characters left: 255/255
After your DfG Kit Request has been received, you will receive confirmation as well as more information about how to conduct user-friendly M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) surveys during the trip which help show the impact your distribution makes and track the progress of DfG worldwide.