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How to set up the Header and Content of your email notifications?

In SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options you can customize the way the email notifications arrive in your Inbox after each form submission. You can edit aspects such as the email address and name associated to the sender, the subject of the message, as well as the content itself. All this data can be accessed and edited in the Email Header and Content subsection at any time.

The first option refers to the name of the sender that is displayed in the first column of the email in your Inbox. You can associate a form field (e.g. Name – with the input provided by form users) or a custom text that will always appear when the form is submitted (e.g. A Sale has been made!).

123FormBuilder Email Header and Content
123FormBuilder Email Header and Content

To add a custom text, click on the dropdown From Name and select Use custom value. This will display a box on the right where you can type in the text you want.

123FormBuilder Email Header and Content

123FormBuilder Email Header and Content

The second option refers to the email associated with the sender. It will appear as the sender has sent the message directly from his/her email account. You can choose our default email address(noreply@123formbuilder.com), in case you want to whitelist all email notifications coming from your form submissions. Click on the dropdown to either add 123FormBuilder or an email field from your form. If you add the Email field from your form, the form user’s email address will appear as the sender.

The option From Reply-to Email sets the recipient to whom the message is sent, if you reply to the email notification.

Message Subject refers to the title of the email, as seen in the example below. You can either add a custom text, the input of a form field or both. Example: Inquiry John Doe. Inquiry is typed and saved in the Message Subject textarea. John Doe is the input provided by the user in the Name field, which is included in the message subject. Therefore, if another submission is been made with the name Ana Baldwin, then the message subject will be Inquiry Ana Baldwin.Use the dropdown on the right to include a field in the message subject from the left. Once the field is selected, it will be automatically included in the message subject as a tag.

123FormBuilder Email Header and Content

123FormBuilder Email Header and Content

The Reference ID is a unique identifier for better submission tracking. To enable it, tick the checkbox and provide a code (anything you want). Each submission will contain the reference ID of the code you have provided followed by a unique number (e.g. ABC-111111). You can also find this identifier in the Submissions section. The Reference ID appears as a timestamp in your email notification. You can use an online timestamp converter to see when the user submitted the form. The Reference ID is displayed at the end of the message subject.

123FormBuilder Email Header and ContentNote: Remember to set the fields as required in the Form Editor. Finally, select the email template you want to use. Click on Customize to create a new template or to edit an old one (with the exception of the default template, which cannot be edited). Use the dropdown list from Use template to select the template you want to use. Be careful, as tags from other forms will not apply to the current form.

Read more about email templates in our documentation here.

If you are using another version of our notifications section, check out this article with the same subject.


  1. I want to set up a different notification email or autoresponder based on the selected language on the form? So that if the form visitor select English and submits the form, the message will be sent in English? and otherwise when he select Dutch the message will be sent in Dutch

    1. Hello! You can achieve that by adding rules to the autoresponder. Simply go to your form’s Settings – Rulessection and switch to the Autoresponder tab and start adding the rules. Based on your question, you will have If English is selected USE your English autoresponder. Add the same rule for the Dutch language.

  2. Hello
    Why are my submitted forms not appearing in my designated email inbox and only on the wix editor dashboard?
    I have inserted the email address I wish the for to be sent to but it’s not being delivered.

    Thanks Emma

    1. Hello Emma!

      Sorry for the late reply. Please check the Notifications section of your form and see if your settings are saved in order. For proper assistance, contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form. Please send us as all the details of the issue you are encountering with screenshots (if possible) and our colleagues will investigate it.


    1. Hello!

      I apologize for the late reply. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to set up a different notification email or autoresponder based on the selected language on the form? So that if the form visitor select french and submits the form, the message will be sent in french? Or do you want to change the Thank You message that appears on screen after the form has been submitted?

      See our documentation on to create rules based on the selected language on form or on how to use translations.

      You can also use one of our latest features to customize the Thank You page as you see fit with images, videos and text: http://salesforce.123formbuilder.com/docs/how-to-customize-the-thank-you-page-of-the-form/.

      If you want to translate your form messages in french, go to the SettingsTranslations section of your form and hit the Add Language button. Translations are not automatically applied to the form, but you can hover over the added language and click on the Customize button. Wait for the lightbox to appear and you may translate all messages on the form, including the confirmation message that appears right after the form is submitted.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form. Also, don’t hesitate to click on the live chat widget when it appears on the bottom right corner of your screen when logged in 123FormBuilder. You’ll be able to chat with one of customer support representatives.


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