Case Study

optimize cataract appointment requests with web forms

Optimizing a Cataract Evaluation Appointment

In identifying the best solution for an ophthalmologist's office we have recognized there are 3 main individuals to take into account. The patient -who is seeking a consultation-, the nurse or administrative staff member -who is taking the patient’s information and organizing his visit- and the doctor, who makes the consultation.

The main goal is to optimize the time spent by the practitioners staff to reliably gather the necessary patient information, while making his appointment as short and efficient as possible. After closer considerations and discussions, it turned out that a considerable amount of time spent on pre-interviewing patients suspected of having cataract issues could be saved by completing a self-test, without the personal guidance of medical staff spend a lot of time manually managing data, double checking information and cross-referencing different sources to verify that each employee was eligible to take the time off they requested, and that someone could cover the shift.