Going Global With the New WorldPay Integration


by 123FormBuilder

Are you already collecting payments through your order forms?

We have some good news – you can now add WorldPay as a payment processor! Read more about what it is and how you can integrate WorldPay with your forms.

What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is a global player when it comes to payment processing. The company makes it easy for companies of all types and sizes to receive payments online with 24/7 uptime, protected by enhanced security measures.

The company offers tailored payment processing solutions which work across multiple channels so that sellers benefit from increased exposure and don’t have to worry about missing out on business opportunities.

You can view their features and offers here.

How do I add WorldPay to my forms?

If you’re interested in selecting WorldPay as a payment processor on your forms, here’s a short guide on how to do it:

1. Go to My Forms and choose the form in which you want to add WorldPay.

123formbuilder order forms

2. Go to the Payments tab, under Settings.

123formbuilder payment options for web forms

3. Choose WorldPay from the payment gateway list and click on +Add payment gateway.

123FormBuilder Worldpay integration for live payments through web forms

4. You will now have to provide your WorldPay client key and service key. Check out this article taken from their documentation in order to find learn where to find the keys inside the platform.

5. After you’ve found the keys, type them inside the field and choose Enabled in the top right corner of the box to have it live.

123FormBuilder Worldpay order form integration

That’s it! By following the steps above you’ll have money rolling in through your WorldPay account in no time.

In case you need help setting up WorldPay, or any other payment processor for your forms, our friendly support team is on standby to guide you. Send them an email here and they’ll reach out back to you.

Will you be adding WorldPay to your forms? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. I got questions:
    1. Will the payment goes to our bank account directly?
    2. I have US Dollar and Euro account at our local bank here in Indonesia, if I Invoice in these currencies – will I get the payment in these currencies?


    1. Hello,
      1. Yes, the money transfer is made by WorldPay directly to the bank account that is linked with it.
      2. Depending on what currency you have set in Worlpay, the money will be transferred using that currency to your bank account. We do not know what currency your WorldPay account has or if your bank account will convert automatically the amount transferred in Dollar or Euro. It is better to ask Worlpay if the money will be transferred in the default currency the account has.


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