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by 123FormBuilder

The internet opened the floodgates on a large number of free services from which you can benefit. While there are a vast number of forms out there which you can use, it’s important to focus on what features get you results. Online forms should be more than just an annoying step in your data collection – there’s more you can do with them on Starter

As you know, at 123 Form Builder we aim to create the best tools that you can use to gather the data you need and use it to grow your business on your Wix website. That’s why our team works hard to provide awesome and fruitful functionality for your forms.

So forget manual tasks, check out these hot features on Starter that get the job done:

Field Validation & Custom Field Validation

Requesting for phone numbers and emails just to find out that an area code is missing, or you have no idea if the address is .com , .net is frustrating. Wasting time on finding the correct version of the inputs is tiring and discouraging, that’s if the contact opportunity hasn’t been lost already.

Fortunately this can be solved easily through field validation: assure that the field input comes in the right format and suits your requirements. Choose from a wide variety of date formats, alphanumerical texts, email and URL validation. Even more, you can create your own field validations to get the information just the way you need it.

How is it done?
Editor → Click FieldField ValidationChoose (→ CustomAdd your own).

Upload Field

Forms are great at streamlining collection an analysis of text information, but they also come in handy when you need to receive other types of files. The File Upload field give respondents the option to upload different kind of files to your form which then can be stored and organized safely. Asking your employees for a monthly report? Requesting CV’s for recruitment? Need audiovisual content for your marketing campaigns from design? Then use the upload field and store up to 100MB of files directly through your form!

How is it done?
EditorFile Upload


wix starter form builder with rules functionality

Isn’t it wonderful when you click ‘No’ in a survey and 10 following questions are automatically hidden? Think about it, why would you ask someone for their passport expiration date when they have check “No Passport” in a previous question in the first place? That why Rules rule! They make your form smart by showing on relevant question to your visitors, according to their previous answers. The magic doesn’t stop here. Rules also allows for different autoresponders to be sent or redirected to different pages based on the submitted answers, making your forms truly smarter

How is it done?

HTML Blocks

In case you are looking to create stunning forms that meet specific design requirements, then adding HTML block to your form is the best way to do it. HTML block allow you to integrate custom HTML and CSS code with your form for personalized text, colors, images, tables of even audio files! There are endless possibilities and Starter offers you two HTML blocks per form for you to customize.

How is it done?
EditorHTML BlockClick FieldEdit HTML Block

Custom Notifications

Communication is key, and it’s even more important since communication does not stop after respondents submit your form. There are ways of having a more personal treat with your respondents and, equally important, to keep in the loop the exact company members that need to be updated on certain topics.

You can customize notifications for your email autoresponders to have a great look with HTML blocks, and address your visitors by their first name with a personal message to follow up on their submission. Notify just your CTO when someone reports an abuse or a breach in your security, send an SMS notification to your HR Manager when a new candidate application is submitted or send a copy of the submission in PDF format to whoever you decide.

How is it done?

3rd Party Apps

Gone are the days of manually passing the data from submission to your Excel sheets. With Google Drive integration, you can send your submissions’ data directly to a Google spreadsheet and update automatically. But the fun it’s just starting: store the files you receive through your upload field directly in your Dropbox account for an instant backup, or automatically create MailChimp lists for your marketing campaigns! Third-party apps are here to make your life easier, automating your business. CRMs, Project Management and Help Desk, there are more than 25 different apps available for you on Gold so, what are you waiting for to try them?

How is it done?


starter plan form builder with reports

Information is power, but only if you know how to process it properly. With your Gold plan you can now get the best out of your submissions. Create unlimited charts and reports, to see a visual representation of your respondents choices, both in absolute numbers and in percentage. Apply filters only to see certain replies and get a better understanding of the situation. You can also approve or reject submissions, allow your visitors now to save their partial answer and resume it later, as well as edit their reply after submission – both by a member of your company or by the respondents themselves. Have complete control of your data, at the reach of your fingertips!

How is it done?
A) Reports → New Report
B) Settings → Advanced → Submissions

Remember that on Gold you have now more forms, more submissions, unlimited fields and no mention whatsoever to 123FormBuilder on your forms! So start playing around and remember you can always check our Help Center to help you get the best out of your forms, or contact our world-class Support Team via online chat or at

Cheers to your success!


  1. Hi, how do i create a form that requires my readers to complete their name and email address in order to download a document?

  2. You need to do a thorough proofreading of this informative material. For instance, the term “on the loot” from the Custom Notifications section probably should read as “in the loop”! There are other hidden gems!!

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    Jusqu’à maintenant, j’ai échangé en langue Anglaise avec vous.
    Je me demandais si il y a quelqu’un avec qui je pourrais échanger en Français?


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