How To Create An Online Quiz For Students


by 123FormBuilder

“The real power of interactive technologies is that they let us learn in ways that aren’t otherwise possible or practical.” – David Lassner


An indispensable tool for educators, that does just that, are online quizzes. It’s no news that technology has become an integral part of the teaching and learning process. 77% of teachers say that using technology in the classroom motivates students to learn.

A quiz can be a powerful instrument for assessing students’ knowledge or for helping the learning process by incorporating it in different class activities or even in homeschooling.

The benefits of using a quiz for education purposes are many. In order to make full use of those benefits, there are a few aspects you could take into consideration when creating an online quiz with the 123FormBuilder Online Quiz Maker.


online quiz for students


Make it catchy

And keep students engaged by easily embodying multimedia elements into the quiz. It’s easier to evaluate and learn in a fun, interactive manner. You can also go for embedding videos in your quiz.

Prevent cheating. Make it challenging

The 123FormBuilder Quiz Maker allows teachers to test the effects of time constraints on student performance and improve students’ ability to work under pressure. Students could browse the internet for the correct answers while completing the online quiz. Avoid that by enabling the countdown timer to your online quiz.

This option makes it possible to submit the quiz automatically after the time has elapsed. The online quiz can be set to count the time in seconds, minutes or hours.

Save time. Make the quiz more interactive

With the 123FormBuilder Quiz Maker you can grade partial answers with or without deduction in case you require more than one answer per question.

Show results after submission

Upon submission, students can view their results, view the answers they’ve missed and even receive their results by email. This also makes it easier for teachers to review the quiz faster, without to much effort.

View overall charts and generate reports

Teachers can integrate quizzes in their periodical evaluations but this feature helps them even publish results in order to increase motivation. Moreover, they can discuss with students about their improvements and reward those who improved the most or those who achieved the best results.

There are far more things you could take into consideration but the ones above are definitely a great start for creating appealing and engaging quizzes.

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