Tuesday Template: Be In Control Of The Inevitable With The Complaint Form


by 123FormBuilder

It’s too rainy outside. The soup is too hot. My jacket got loose. The hotel was too far away from the city centre. I don’t like how this laptop looks. The product I ordered was a day late.

Can you relate to any of these situations? Maybe it wasn’t the soup that was too hot, maybe it was your pizza. Or maybe it’s not too rainy outside, but too cold. Either way, you probably felt the need to express something like this at some point. It’s in the human nature to complain whenever things are not just as we want them to be.

Same applies to businesses. If you have a business, you’ll have customers. If you have customers, they may face a dissatisfaction sometime while being your clients. Ergo, you have a complaint.

But it’s nothing the complaint form can’t handle. It’s actually pretty used to hearing more or less kind words, to letting its Submit button be hit with frustration, to test the respondent’s patience while asking for some basic info in regards to the reason of the complaint, and to comfort people by telling them it’s all gonna be ok, someone from the company will assist them in solving the issue behind the complaint.

The complaint form is not the only one having a bad time with all the angry customers. You, as a business owner or representative, won’t be too cheerful either when having to read and solve the complaints. Thus, if you have the complaint form by your side, everything will be more smooth. Just like with two soulmates walking down the same path at the romantic light of the dusk.


Some basic fields to include in the complaint form would be those related to the customer’s contact details, so you can get back with a solution, the date of the complaint, as well as fields that help describe the issue generating the complaint. The date of the encountered problem, location of the happening, situation details and desired outcome can all find their place within the complaint form. In order to add more legitimacy to it, a digital signature field can do the dirty job for you.

Feel free to add anything you like to your complaint form. Images, company colors, logo – give it your personal touch. Integrating your form with a helpdesk system like Zendesk allows each new form submission to be turned into a ticket within your complaint management system.

Finally, this one goes out to all customers out there: Dear Customers, please be gentle when filling out a complaint form. These forms have feelings too.

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