Tuesday Template: Better Reviews With Restaurant Surveys


by 123FormBuilder

When it comes to holidays, there is one universal truth that crosses all borders and nationalities: we like to eat well no matter what we celebrate. All over the world people have specific traditions for each holiday and most of them involve food. Delicious meals that unite the family, secret recipes made only on special occasions, accompanied with fun and joy are just a few things that make each holiday a delight for us.

Modern days came with transitions and moved things into a more accessible era. We have restaurants for all tastes, we make online reservations, we order take out food through complex order forms  and we have all that we need one click away.

This new trend on how people perceive restaurants brings you, as owners, nothing but reasons of happiness. With all your seats booked up, your restaurants were probably one of the hot spots in your town during the Easter Holiday.

So it’s about time to take some action and gain some insight over your customers’ experience. Start by checking the dedicated social networks and see if you have new reviews or simply reply to the reservation email with a custom online survey.

A dedicated restaurant survey will help you engage with your customers and provide some important insight over the general perception that people have about your restaurant. Even more – it grants you full control over what you choose to find out and what you wish to act upon.

Here is how you can make it look like with a bit of branding and customization.

 Restaurant survey

What can you achieve through a 123FormBuilder restaurant survey?

The versatility of our form builder lets you give the wanted shape for every form. This means custom fields for your questions, specific themes for a brand aligned appearance and many 3rd party app integrations to ease your workflow. Here are a few tricks about this #TuesdayTemplate, which might convince you to implement one in your restaurant management:

  • Customize it to fit your needs. You can decide upon the field type  you want to use and make the survey easier to fill in. You can choose from likert scale fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, even add text areas to allow comment, or upload fields if they wish to share photos. The data you collect through this survey might let you gain new subscribers for your newsletters, provide new material for your social networks and help you gain a better understanding over your employees and services provided.

  • Make it interactive. By adding rules on your survey you can shorten the amount of time spent to complete it and show only relevant questions based on previous answers with field rules. Add confirmation rules and send personalized autoresponders, or allow respondents to see survey reports.

  • Integrate it in your workflow. You can receive the answers via email and even redirect submissions to other email address if they satisfy some conditions. Think how simple it would be to react to a negative review. You can get an email directly in your personal inbox and respond personally to check out your customer’s story. Even more, you can add SMS notifications or check your submissions live through a 3rd party app such as Google Drive.

It has never been more simple to communicate with customers and improve your services at the same time. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and check our #TuesdayTemplate hashtag to learn new ways on using forms.

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