Tuesday Template: A Customer Satisfaction Survey for Successful Businesses


by 123FormBuilder

From early development to late, complex enhancements, every business usually relies on data. It is the best practice scenario, when you build a solution based on an actual, researched need. In all these development processes, an undebatable core speck highlights the use of surveys in all conducted research studies.

Asking real users to give you information about their needs, preferences or real experiences with your products in many cases defines the path that your business will take. It is only natural to want to address them with a suitable, tailored product or service, because it can be an important indicator in the formula for business success.

Online surveys now are a tool for general use, highly customized to fit individual needs and give appropriate answers. But for a small business owner, the option of conducting ongoing research among present users with such a tool is pure gold. And here, at this exact point,  a customer satisfaction survey enters the stage with drum rolls and loud ovations. Look it up in our Free Form Templates section to see an online customer satisfaction survey  example.

Customer Satisfaction Template

The perks of conducting customer satisfaction surveys with 123FormBuilder

When talking about the benefits of creating such a survey with our form builder, we go beyond appearance and classic use of  likert scales, checkboxes or radio buttons. We talk about full customization with colorful themes, advanced CSS and branding capabilities. Your survey will look so good that no one could resist the temptation to fill it out. In addition, it will fully represent you and strengthen the brand image that your present and potential users perceive.

Ask the right questions and gather important statistics about user preferences and experiences with your products or services. You can copy and adapt questions from published reports of previously used surveys that had a positive impact in a company or simply craft your own.

But that’s not all, let’s go further and talk about usability and all the advantages you gain in matters of enhanced user engagement, simplified workflow and increased reachability. It really is as good as it sounds, because with 123FormBuilder you can tweak your customer satisfaction survey in more ways than you think. Let’s see!

  • Field rules – a useful alternative to developing multiple surveys to cover all use cases is  logical branching your fields. In this way your survey will adapt according to the answers that the user fills in. It offers a friendly interface and does not intrude with unrelated questions which are not suitable in all cases. In this way the survey will appear shorter, accessible and tailored to each user in particular.

  • Custom notification emails – this is a great way to cut the time spent on reviewing submissions. Adding multiple addresses and correlating them with a specific answer given on the form will trigger the option to send a specific type of answered survey to a particular person or department inside you company.

  • Personalized autoresponders – create special emails to be sent automatically to a customer after submitting the survey. You can build multiple confirmation messages and send them conditioned by a confirmation rule. In this way the given answers will trigger a particular autoresponder. Personalize it to fit the purpose that suits you best.

So, at the end, your customer satisfaction survey will do all the above and may look like this:

 Online customer satisfaction survey customized

Practical example of a customer satisfaction survey


Mandy purchased a mug on your online shop and receives it broken. She is upset and your Customer Service department, without knowing the issue, sends her a customer satisfaction survey. Imagine what answer she will give when asked if she was satisfied with your services.

123FormBuilder solution:

Build your survey smartly. For each likert scale, radio button or checkbox, create field rules to open a text area so the user could provide comments or possible complaints. Even more, if you deal with products, like the MugCompany in this example, place an upload field inside the survey, available to receive photos to see possible defects of delivered products. We also provide a ready-made file upload form, if you wish to start from there instead.

Add custom settings. In this case, a 123FormBuilder survey could do several things. Adding a custom notification prior to actually sending the survey will redirect the answers to the Support Team and Marketing to oversee the problem. They will get it as an email in their Inboxes and can immediately acknowledge the problem and take action. While Mandy already got an personalized autoresponder set specially for users dealing with product defects, knowing she will be contacted by the Support team. Imagine her reaction when that email will show up in her Inbox 10 minutes later.

The opposite case scenario will provide your PR and Marketing team not only great insight but also valuable leads for future campaigns, facilitated by our 3rd party apps.

With a customer satisfaction survey the workflow is more efficient, increasing your chances to have fully satisfied customers. Because we all know that customer services is the best marketing strategy available out there.

Hope to use this Tuesday Template wisely and don’t forget to share with us on Twitter your own surveys under #TuesdayTemplate.

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