Tuesday Template: A Company Culture Poll That Tells You Exactly What Employees Want


by 123FormBuilder

Picture the following: you’re a young entrepreneur, you start a business, you have a small team of people you trust and with them you feel you can conquer the world. Every decision is taken after you’ve heard their input because two heads are always better than one. Hearing everyone is easy and taking action based on their opinion is easy. As time passes by, your team gets bigger, new members are added to every department and making a decision based on input gets harder and takes longer.

What this means is not that you shouldn’t ask anymore and make decisions by yourself, that won’t be appreciated. If anything, you should ask even more questions now and generally employees should be asked for their opinion in matters that involve them. For this, there is a simple and elegant solution in the form of polls.

Company Poll Form

Ask about anything they have an active interest in. Where to go for a team building weekend, Christmas parties, what new additions to make to the common area, what cause would they like to donate to this time of year or literally anything that involves them.

Now, once you’ve committed to researching through a poll template, think of ways to distribute it. You can share it via the company’s internal Facebook page or send it as a direct link through a dedicated e-mail to one department or maybe all of them depending on the issue at hand.

Furthermore, you can personalize the poll so that it mirrors your own brand. Own the poll and make it look more professional with the white label form builder solution, a feature that allows you to fully brand your forms and provide your own form building service to your customers.

Last but not least, here is the biggest advantage for utilising a poll in this kind of situation. Using forms can be very effective because you can easily view the form report. It can be easily seen how many people opted for each option and from that point on, making a decision is easy as pie. Furthermore, you can limit form submissions from the same IP, ensuring that voting was done correctly. You can even customize your report to turn the data into a pie chart, data table or plainly see it as a text.

Let us know how you ask your employees for their input and also, what do you ask them to weigh in on?

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