Tuesday Form Template: The Indispensable Online Donation Request Form for Charity Giving


by 123FormBuilder

Our new template is here! Today’s “lucky winner” is the popular online donation request form.

Donations are essential for nonprofits  and have the power to change. That is why good forms for online donation are highly important. It can be a good way to attract donors and increase revenue. Every penny can make a difference, we all know it. Investing energy and resources to find the appropriate  tool to gather donations is an important part in streamlining the workflow of a NPO.

Making an online donation request with 123FormBuilder grants you the option to publish the form on a dedicated website, share it as a link, embed it on your Facebook page or attach it in an email. You can use our free online sample donation form and adapt it to your own needs. Such a donation form can be used as well in charity giving, as in education or any other situation.

Donation form

How to use a 123FormBuilder online donation request form template?

When using an online donation form, it’s good to be aware of all the features that our product offers and use it at its full capacity so that you can benefit the most out of it.

You have direct access to donation by enabling payments on your form. 123FormBuilder has several integration with payment processors, and the good news is that you can use all the processors you need at once on the same donation form. Moreover you can set a recurring payment for those who wish to give regular donation for your cause. Our forms are mobile compatible, so you can facilitate the process even for those potential donors which use mobile devices.

You can control your forms by editing the fields and changing its appearance.  Add a digital signature field if you need to authenticate the donation and offer a more secure environment to your donors. You can also adjust customization settings and modify the form theme, color, font, background and add logos to have all the branding elements you need. This way you will help people identify with your form and create a connection with your potential donors. In this direction, you can also improve your online donation form by setting up a custom Thank You note and use it as an autoresponder to engage with your donors.

After the donation submission, you have access to reports and know at all times the current balance. Archive it and use it as a document to track your donation campaigns. Also you can gather all donors’ information in a complex database  by using one of our CRM integration; it can be helpful to communicate with them afterwards, start new campaigns or even recruit volunteers from your most active supporters.

Here is how your online donation request form template can look after a quick edit:

Child donation form

What do you think? Looks good and it is easy to create. Try it now!


  1. Hello,

    Greetings from the Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE), a non-profit organization working for eradication of “ragging” (somewhat similar to “hazing” or “bullying”) from educational institutions in India.

    We have been looking for a sponsored/supported web-form solution for non-profit organizations. This is very important for us but neither can we afford the paid versions nor the limits of free versions meet our needs.

    As social causes are often supported by for-profit companies, hope we may find a supporter for our cause as well.

    Thanks and regards,

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