Top 12 HR Processes You Should Automate Right Now [Infographic]

There’s no doubt that an increasingly digitized future is upon us. And it spreads to so many activities, it’s hard to ignore it in the HR sector. Yes, algorithms and code snippets crawling in the “human” resources department 🙂

However, not nearly enough HR professionals are aware of this trend. 

The fact is HR automation is improving basic functions like the hiring and onboarding process, employee training and performance evaluations, as well as a large array of administrative policies and procedures. Up to a point that it would seem unthinkable for a big company not to use it.

Maybe the most important benefit of HR automation is data security. By switching to digitization, all the sensitive personal data is stored and backed up on the cloud, thus avoiding major catastrophes such as fire, theft or computer failure.

Automation also handles compliance issues and avoids unnecessary taxes, expenses or fines caused by human error. 

What’s even better is that a digitized HR workflow will provide better data management. It’s so much more convenient to automatically record, measure, analyze and compile reports on immense amounts of information. And let’s face it, in a big corporate environment, data-driven workforce management is an absolute must. 

Don’t worry though. Automation is not bound to eliminate HR professionals. But rather to take over those functions where human mistakes, extensive repetitiveness, and inconsistencies could negatively impact a company. 

Besides, digitizing the Human Resources workflow will diminish your paper trail and free office space by removing those giant document cabinets, while shifting to a trustworthy enterprise management system.

We’ve compiled in the infographic below 12 HR functions that would greatly benefit from a technology infusion in order to obtain an increased efficiency at the office. Feel free to pass them on to your HR rep!

Top 12 HR Processes You Should Automate Right Now

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  1. The article is spot on. I would say that you may want to offer some information on performance management systems, applicant tracking systems, data management systems, etc.

    Maybe provide links to different systems or links to reviews of the available options or some of the better known and respected systems for each of your 12 processes.

    As you know, some systems are very comprehensive and can accommodate many of the those processes depending on the version you purchase or the budget you have to invest.

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