The Story of Fighting Back Cystic Fibrosis


by 123FormBuilder

Giving Tuesday Unselfie CampaignThe story I’m about to tell is as real as can be. As free to continue its path as we believe it to. It’s a hope-filled tale, with real people that are facing real life challenges. Open your heart and read along.

The challenge

It all started back in 1930 when one terrible disorder entered the scene and started to have its way with more and more children and adults. It’s a rare genetic affliction that kicks off by affecting the lungs, causing frequent lung infections while messing around with mostly every other organ. Its name – Cystic Fibrosis.  Difficulty of breathing is the most serious symptom, following along poor growth, frequent sinus infections and infertility. In the absence of an early diagnosis and a proper, often quite expensive treatment, surviving chances are low.

Although this genetic disease is well known internationally, inside Romania it doesn’t benefit from the awareness it needs for the serious health problems it poses. Its symptomatology is extremely complex, which makes it even more difficult to be diagnosed without the proper technology.  We wanted to change this scenario.

The context

As December dashed in, with all its merry feeling and a new occasion  for us to join the #GivingTuesday charity movement, we chose our cause for giving back this year – helping the Romanian Cystic Fibrosis Association (ARMv) raise money for a new, very needed testing device, critically important in obtaining the foolproof diagnosis for a better life.  Since the cost of the appliance  was far from their financial possibilities we gave a helping hand.

We became #Unselfie and started to tweet about it. We shared videos on Facebook about the ones living with Cystic Fibrosis in order for everybody to get to know better what we are fighting for. We blogged about it and shared the initiative throughout important online newspapers. We wanted to raise awareness as much as we could. Along the way joined the cause our friends from Cozmoslabs and Net Interactions, sustaining with donations our common goal – promoting the needs of children and grown-ups facing Cystic Fibrosis.

The outcome

After a short but intense period, the much awaited December 2 came along. The one day donation marathon for  #GivingTuesday started and we were really eager to see the results. We knew that our initiative will be a good inspiration for other companies to embrace the #GivingTuesday campaign and take collaborative action to give back. And it was. The needed amount of money – 4510 euro + 24% VAT – for buying the Diagnose apparatus Nanoduct 1030_Wescor was collected. Joy to the world!

Maybe a small step for the Cystic Fibrosis community but a far-reaching one for us along with the Romanian Association Against Cystic Fibrosis. Nevertheless, the quest to fight this terrible condition continues, since the access to proper medication and technology is still a struggle. But with our effort to raise awareness to this, it’s only getting better.

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