Starting the #GivingTuesday 2014 Marathon: Companies Invited to Join In!


by 123FormBuilder

Giving TuesdayYou make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give. With this thought in mind, 123FormBuilder is taking part to #GivingTuesday this year too. This wonderful movement for giving back started in US back in 2012 and since then is reaching more and more corners of the world. Now is the best time to act on it and help #GivingTuesday grow in our own country, Romania. So save the date: December 2, 2014!

Giving Tuesday is an occasion for companies, NPOs and individuals to get involved in doing good deeds for the community, in the first Tuesday of December. For those who aren’t that familiar to #GivingTuesday, the best way to look at it would be in comparison to the massive popularity that Cyber Monday and Black Friday have. As the founders of Giving Tuesday say, we have two days for hunting deals and just one for giving back. Let’s join our forces so that this year the day for giving gets its share of support to compete fairly with the two giants.

To row alone across an ocean is never easy. Last year, 123FormBuilder was the first Romanian company to get involved in a Giving Tuesday initiative. We donated some packs of goodies to the local branch of Save the Children, which were received with great joy by the kids.

For December 2, 2014 we would be happy to see more companies join the #GivingTuesday fellowship. We are officially calling all partner companies and startups in Romania to get involved side by side with us in a humanitarian cause that will make a big difference to a large number of people in need. Read on and find out more about the cause we are supporting!

Our goal for #GivingTuesday 2014: fundraiser for medical association

Every nonprofit is important, every cause needs its supporters. Faced with the need to choose, we decided to help the medical branch aimed to children and youth, whom we resonate with on a special level.

This year, our NPO of choice is the Romanian Association Against Cystic Fibrosis, a foundation created and led by physicians and headquartered in Timisoara with the purpose of diagnosing, supporting and giving palliative treatment to children affected by this very aggressive genetic disease. Mucoviscidosis is a disease that requires constant, quite costly treatment, and imposes several restrictions to patients.

In numbers, 1 in 2500 newborns are affected by cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis), while 1 person in 25 is carrying the gene that causes the disease, meaning that in Romania there are about 760,000 people that carry this gene. Presently, medicine made it possible for the life expectancy of people with cystic fibrosis to extend to 35-40 years or even more, while at the middle of the last century affected children could hope for just about 6-7 years of life.

Down to facts, the Romanian Association Against Cystic Fibrosis, running at the County Hospital in Timisoara, faces a high need for specialized medical technology that would integrate with the existing apparatus in the hospital. Specifically, they would need a device for testing sweat, device which is critically important for obtaining a surefire diagnosis on people with the symptoms of cystic fibrosis. The details of the apparatus are below:

Diagnose apparatus Nanoduct 1030_Wescor
Price: 4510 euro + 24% VAT (to be bought from SAPACO 2000 SA) includes personnel training and service.

We are asking for your support in order to raise the amount of money needed for the Association to buy the device. 123FormBuilder is the first company to contribute to this fundraiser. We are welcoming the participation of any company, big or small, that feels they could help attain this goal. The Association’s legal representatives confirmed that they will issue the necessary documents to each firm that participates, in order to validate the donation in their accounting.

In order to participate to the fundraiser, just click the green “JOIN US” button below. It will lead you to fill in a very short form. The 123FormBuilder’s Giving Tuesday coordinator will get back to you and will put you directly in touch with the representatives of the Association. We have 3 weeks to make a difference. On December 2, we will announce the results of the fundraiser publicly.

P.S.: We will not stop here! Once the primary goal is attained, we will support other charities too. If you are looking for a different cause to contribute to on your own, these are our recommendations of children-focused charities from the Western part of Romania: Rudolf Walter Foundation, Bethany Foundation.

Just fill in the form and show your support! Together we can make Giving Tuesday 2014 a memorable event to those in need. Thank you for your great help!

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