September Monthly Highlights


by 123FormBuilder

Hello there and happy Thursday to all of you 123FormBuilder fans! How’s October treating you? Last month has been an eventful one for us but it went very fast. And you know what that means! It’s time for another Monthly Highlights article! So without further ado, let’s have a look at September’s very best!

Attending UI-Lib Hackathon

In the beginning of September, Wix organized an epic 3-day Hackaton in Tel-Aviv, during which we were able to implement the new UI Library into our app. So here’s 123FormBuilder before and after the UI- Lib Hackathon:

Wix Editor

Attending the 25th National HIPAA Summit

As we are very much aware of the importance of data security in the healthcare field, we are determined to offer the best solution for digitizing workflows and processes by helping healthcare professionals to safely build all their medical HIPAA compliant forms online.

Accordingly, the next logical step after our HIPAA compliance achievement was to attend the Twenty-Fifth National HIPAA Summit in Washington, DC. Here you can watch our CEO’ s presentation about “Digitizing the Healthcare Industry”. Moreover, SnapMunk wrote a great piece on our HIPAA compliance achievement, so have a read!

Form Submissions Report

In order to prevent database blocking and form submissions blocking, we’ve implemented a system, capable of monitoring users who receive more than 500 submissions per day for the same form. Thus, when the limit is reached, instead of receiving an email with each submission, the user will receive a report at the end of the day with a direct link to the Submissions table. All submissions will be available in real time in the 123FormBuilder account.

Websites we’ve been featured on in September

When it comes to landing pages and forms, the best route is to use landing page and PHP form builders with built-in analytics and optimization tools. These features will enable you to optimize the frontend of your lead capture strategy. You can also use forms to create surveys that will help you tailor your content to a specific audience.”

Read the full article on TweakYourBiz

“Simple PHP Contact Form is a superb PHP Contact Form from 123Contact Form dot com. It is a very popular and flexible PHP Contact Form.”

Read the full article on CodeFear

“Forms are critical for a lead generation strategy since they are the key pieces for automating lead data acquisition. 123FormBuilder is one of the platforms that caught our attention.”

Read the full article on

“123FormBuilder certainly seems to be keeping its finger on the pulse of an ever-expanding market for businesses going paperless. With its recent HIPAA compliance achievement, the company is signalling a convincing plan to keep servicing a wide range of businesses without sacrificing an ounce of depth or durability.”

Read the full article on Snapmunk

Wanna know what’s in store for October? Stay tuned!

If you want to share a feature request, you can do it here and read this blog post if you want to find out how we handle feature requests.


  1. With the Google changes can you please advise if there is anything we need to do and, as always, keep up the good work.

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