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by 123FormBuilder

“Thank you!” – few simpler words have ever been spoken and even fewer carry so much weight. The interesting thing about these words is that their absence hurts more than their presence. And in a business environment where every customer is appreciated and nurtured, showing your appreciation on the Thank You page goes a long way. In our field, we call this the post-conversion zone.

Post-conversion is the continued conversation that takes place after a prospect has been converted. It is also a huge opportunity to make sure you capitalize on the trust gained from turning that prospect into a lead. The reason for this is that customers see you in a much more positive light, having already been converted. Once they’ve passed on the other side of the funnel they are more willing than any of the previous customers to take further action.

To this end, we’ve upgraded our Thank You Page to now include HTML Blocks. It might not sound like much, but believe us, it’s a game-changer. So we’ve prepared a few cases to highlight the potential they have. One important note: choose your words and materials depending solely on what customers have just done. For example, if they subscribed to your newsletter, then you should thank them for that.

That being said, let’s look at examples of how to customize the Thank You Page of your form  and take maximum advantage of your acquired leads.

Get Creative With Your Thank You Page

Text is the first step into showing your appreciation to your newly acquired leads. A good line that brings a smile on their face will make them feel appreciated and also shows your thoughtfulness towards them. Calling them a hero for pressing the call to action button could be an idea, so could these form success messages. Furthermore, you can add a picture to go along with the words and really make that Thank You Page heartfelt. Such as:

Thank You page Thank you

Ask Your Leads to Take Further Action

Now that your leads have arrived at this point, it’s time to take them a step further and ask them to make an extra click. If they have just signed up for your newsletter, you could thank them for that and direct them to download your ebook or white paper. If you’re a small business and a customer just placed an order on a special offer, you can direct them to a landing page with a newsletter sign-up. If you sell sports equipment, you could direct them to visit your YouTube channel and check-out your endorsers. If you’re… you get it.

Thank you Page with Links

As you can see, the Thank You Page is highly customizable and you can easily choose the words, images and links you want to post. Use one, two or all of them! However you see fit.
Let us know if you need more advice on this subject or you would like to see a more comprehensive webinar.

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