One Month In: Four Next-Level Uses of Shopify’s New 123FormBuilder App


by 123FormBuilder

Home to over 500,000 stores large and small, online and off, Shopify is a top choice for any merchant who wants to get up and running with a proven e-commerce and/or retail point-of-sale system.

Many Shopify merchants use 123FormBuilder to power customer service, contact forms, quote requests and other communications that happen before and after a sale. That’s why we decided to make it official and release a dedicated app that works directly in Shopify.

Still giddy from our app launch only a few short weeks ago, we couldn’t wait to take a peek and sample some of the creative ways some Shopify stores are already using our form builder app:

Customer Survey

Surveys can build engagement and loyalty by showing customers that their opinion matters and may shape future products and services. In exchange, you get priceless feedback that helps you work smarter by letting you know what products and options interest customers. It’s also a great place to float new product ideas to confirm that they are worth pursuing.

Depending on the kind of store you have, customers may already be excited enough to fill out your survey form. That’s often the case with fashion or food. But say your product is a little more everyday—say, computer cables—then you can sweeten the survey offer by enticing answers with a discount code, a sweepstakes, or free item.

Check it out on Crazy Goat Vapes website.

Customized Product Request Form

Forms are an ideal mechanism for understanding the customer’s requirements for personalized items. Unlike a phone call, where details may be dropped and records are unreliable, an online form makes sure all details are spelled out. If there is artwork supplied by the customer, your form can set parameters for size and file type to ensure quicker turnaround and less need for follow-up. Using notifications, your supplier can be immediately notified that a new project is coming. That, too, improves turnaround time.

As time goes by, the reports generated in the 123FormBuilder app will help you optimize your inventory and develop your business by compiling data on most popular items, color choices, and more.

Check it out on Team Feet (Next level custom socks) website.

Return Claim Form

Returns and exchanges. They happen even in the best shops. Creating a return claim form provides a hassle-free way for your customers to request a refund or exchange. Not only are you notified instantly, you can create rules that also notify other departments involved with the issue. For example, you can have the handling department notified if the item was damaged during shipment.

The robust reporting functionality in the 123FormBuilder app keeps track of trends in your return claims in case there’s a larger issue at play (order errors, inaccurate product descriptions, quality control, sizing, shipping, etc.) in your store operations.

Check it out on MenEdge website.

Contact Form

When your current and future customers need to get in touch, show you value their time by targeting their message to the right place. Your contact form can include conditional logic that routes the message to the appropriate area (e.g., technical support, press, billing, etc.). An autoresponder to the customer is a great way to assure that their message was received and will be read and answered in a timely manner.

It’s a great idea to check on your monthly reports inside the app. There you’ll find an overview of the contact form submissions. If there is repetition of similar themes, you can add the information to your website on an FAQ page or on product pages, or a new website section as needed
Web forms do many different things, but most of them serve a common goal: to provide a more meaningful way to listen to your customers.

Check out the 123 Form Builder app on Shopify for hundreds more forms that can help your business optimize its communications and customer service!

Use 123FormBuilder on other platforms: Wix, BigCommerce, Weebly.

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