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by 123FormBuilder

Hey everyone, we’ve just launched some updates for the form Editor!

The new updates are aimed at making the form editing experience faster and smoother, by making some options much easier to set the way you want. Also, we’ve improved the way Likert scales behave on mobile devices, so your respondents can have a better experience when completing forms on their phone.
Take a look below for more details on what’s new:

Add choices

1.Faster way of editing and reordering choice fields

In case you’ve created long multiple-choice quizzes, tests or any other types of forms, you’ve certainly lost some time when editing the choices on each question. For new choices to be added, you had to click on “add choice”, and re-ordering them was only possible through manually entering the values in the order you’ve wanted. We wanted to cut out as much unnecessary time as possible when editing forms. Through this update, you can add choices faster by just pressing Enter on your keyboard instead of clicking on a button.

Rearranging the options is also been made smoother – you can now drag the options in the order you wish directly from the side menu!
Edit fields

2.More label and instruction customization

We’ve noticed that many users want to style their field label and instruction text, so we’ve introduced an easier way to do so through markdown styling.
That means that you can now bold, italicize, underline, and hyperlink the text you want. What’s more, you can remove all the formats by pressing the last button on the list.
Likert field

3.Better Likert scales for mobile devices

Likert scales are some of the most used fields when it comes to analyzing the degree of a statement, and are used a lot. We’ve noticed that filling these in on mobile devices wasn’t the most pleasant experience, so we’ve changed how they show on mobile. Instead of having a left to right alignment, these are now placed top to bottom for better visualization and choosing the option which fits best.
We’re constantly working to bring you more options and functionalities for your forms, so stay tuned for more stuff coming!
What do you think of this update? Leave a comment below and tell us if you find it useful!

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