Leading an Eco-friendly office life is as easy as 1-2-3


by 123FormBuilder

eco office lifeActing green has ceased to be a trend so long ago. Now it’s a necessity, alright! And at 123FormBuilder we’re no strangers to that. If you’re curious about our little green initiatives, hop along for a quick walk-through.

At 123FormBuilder waste gets selective treatment

Our office life is pretty cool, with lots of pretty little things going on. We get together for updates on the projects and order some pizzas along. This inevitably ends with pretty big stashes of carton. But they take their way to the paper bin. Next,  we like to celebrate and cheer our birthday girls and boys. This leads to amounts of plastic cups that will responsibly be placed into the plastic container. Then there’s the healthy corner full of fresh fruits to gear us up. After we gobble them, the scraps have their place in the mixed waste container. Organized people all the way.

Let there be natural light

Exposure to natural light increases productivity. That’s a fact. And we use it to our advantage as much as we can, letting the sun shine in. And this really pays off, apart from the productive part.  Lights use most of electricity in the office buildings – around 39% as research shows. Managing lighting well can pay big dividends while cutting down energy consumption. Simple yet effective!

Ditching the paper, one form at a time

Isn’t it strange that in this “digital age” we still use up great amounts of paper? Not inside 123FormBuilder, cause we’re all about environmentally friendly web forms. Need a holiday request? Why use a paper form when you can use instead the web form alternative? Want to find out about your corporate climate?  A survey could come in handy. An online one, that is. One that you can customize to your needs and see the answers in real time, analyze and export them.  Seems like green habits also make our life easier, right?

We’ve got the power… to switch off

You might think it’s trait, but the simple action of turning things off before you leave the office can yield to considerable savings. And we do just that, starting with our computers up to things we use only occasionally (printers, scanners etc.). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this habit can save from 50$ to 150$ annually for each device. Not a thing to ignore.

Of course, apart from these  there are lots of other eco-friendly things that we can do to create a more sustainable workplace. So… Take a sip of caffeine, get in the scene and let’s get green!

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