Give Your Online Forms A Social Dimension With Hootsuite


by 123FormBuilder

For a couple of years, reports have shown important spikes in the use of social media. It seems to be the communication channel that 97% of marketers have an interest in, according to the latest 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. So it definitely is a good direction to follow, although you might decide not to make a priority out of it. But it’s good to leave an open window.

When talking about platforms, Facebook remains the number one choice of marketers, followed by LinkedIn and Twitter. Also in the top of preferences, most businesses also use blogging and YouTube. So many choices and responsibilities. The truth is that many use social media without having a strategy and no clue on how to measure the return on investment (ROI). And this particular need of providing justification and an actual purpose for all your efforts is leveraged by many new tools. There are numerous services providing compelling metrics and analytics for your social media activity.

Having the option to monitor your results and communicate over several platforms simultaneously is like a third hand for a marketer. That’s why we think that our partners at Hootsuite are doing a great job.

But let’s take it a step further and think about all the forms you are using for your business, from contact forms to donations, order forms and so many others. How can you make them more social and evaluate their performance to see if you get the results you want?

For example, you own a small e-commerce business and you sell books. You have created a great form to present your offer and allow your clients to purchase with ease. The first step is to place the form on your website. But is that enough?
Well, if you use 123FormBuilder from the Hootsuite App Directory  you certainly can do more than that. This app will allow you to share your form on several platforms with a custom description and a direct link. Your order form will be on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter in a matter of seconds. You can see in the video tutorial below how simple it can be to empower social media for your forms.

Now, all your fans and followers can access your online order form directly from their stream. If they have questions, you’ll see them real-time. You can answer and interact with your community simultaneously on multiple platforms. It is a huge relief to be able to monitor in the same time the reactions you get on every social network.

The next step will be for some of them to want to buy your products. Are you making sure that you gain new valuable leads on each purchase?
Well, there are certain ways you can make sure you harvest potential new customers. You can enable the Twitter integration and release automatically a new tweet with your desired message every time someone has bought something using your order form. It’s a great way to encourage interaction and maybe even to increase your sales.

Moreover, by using the Hootsuite app you reach a bigger public and have statistics on how your shares performed. You can visualize them directly in the Hootsuite platform or in your 123FormBuilder account from where you can export the reports and customize your statistics to show exactly what interests you.

It can also be a great idea to create a Facebook order form and have it published in your tab menu. Use a creative cover photo and enhance the chances to have the form filled. Social media is a great asset to use along with your forms. If you want to make sure it is, just enable a Google Analytics code and track your form traffic.

So, what do you say? We gave you the facts and an actionable solution. Try it out and give us feedback in the comments section below or finds us on social media. 🙂 (Facebook  , Twitter , Google + )


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