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The holidays are just around the corner, and for Non-Profit Organizations this represents the busiest time of the year. Year after year, statistics show that more than 50% of all donations come between October and December.

This year the situation remains the same, with the highlight of the charitable givings being Giving Tuesday, taking place on the 1st of December.

Deciding which strategy to adopt is never an easy task because there are a lot of charitable sources. Here are some statistics presented in the Giving USA 2015 Press Release:

  • Individual giving: $258.51 billion, increased 5.7 percent in current dollars (and 4.0 percent when inflation-adjusted) over 2013.
  • Foundation giving: $53.97 billion, was 8.2 percent higher than 2013 (the increase was 6.5 percent when inflation-adjusted).
  • Bequest giving: $28.13 billion, increased 15.5 percent (13.6 percent when inflation-adjusted) over 2013.
  • Corporate giving: $17.77 billion, increased 13.7 percent (11.9 percent when inflation-adjusted) over 2013 giving.

However, regardless of the tactics a NPO implements, some elements, such as the donation form, should remain the same. Moreover, there are other forms that are vital for a successful campaign, here are four of them.

We would like to show our appreciation for the work non-profit organizations undertake and offer them 20% off our Gold and Platinum plans.

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