Fight Back Against 2020 and be Ready for 2021

The big bad year of 2020 snuck into the Kingdom unseen and unheard. Before we all realized what was going on, the invisible dark clouds were spread over the land and we all had to stay indoors for the vast majority of time. 

But in the midst of all the blackness, rays of hope started to glimmer here and there. At first, it was kind people who volunteered to help out those less fortunate. Then, healers and brave people stepped up and courageously fought back against the big bad year. 

Little by little, the 2020 Resistance was growing stronger and stronger. 

The 123 Fairy has been there from the very beginning, offering free packages for everyone who wanted to collect information that would help defeat the monster. And now she’s back, with a whole new mastermind plan on how to help you defeat 2020, once and forever. 

She’s cooking up some spells and it’s going to be legendary! 

Until then, however, she urges the people of the kingdom to: 

  • Treasure health, for it is far more important than coin
  • Stay hopeful and positive, regardless of whether they’re on lockdown or not 
  • Stand together for the good fight and continue to be kind and compassionate to each other

Stay tuned, there are some magical things coming soon, and although they might not wipe away 2020 and all the evil it’s brought into our lives, it will sure help you win back this year and start the next one on the right foot! 

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…And keep an eye out for 123 Fairy’s next email and the magic spells contained within! ✨

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