Facebook Forms Part Three: Order Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Knowing to leverage the power of social channels has proven to be an essential asset for any business. We’ve seen good and bad examples of businesses skyrocketing to the peak of success or others almost hitting rock bottom.
What we try to do with this series is to enable you the right information to adapt the use of forms on Facebook and gain reachability, new leads and opportunities.

So we started by learning to create event registrations on Facebook and in the second part we trying to underline an improvement by introducing a feedback form on a Facebook page . Now, we reach further and show you how you can create an online order form to showcase special offers and boost your sales.

Using 123FormBuilder order forms on Facebook

Hope you already know the installation drill. You simply have to connect to our 123FormBuilder application for Facebook  and add the wanted form on your page. This will appear in a tab on your Facebook menu. There you can change its image and text to fit your own needs. It will look something like this:

Facebook order form tab

So what benefits will you have by using an online order form on Facebook?

  • Collect payments on form – if you’d like to streamline the process and shorten the purchase process, this certainly is a solution. Imagine you have a one time deal, you create a form with the special offer and post it on Facebook. There people can buy it directly without needing to visit your website or a payment gateway page.
  • Limit the number of submissions  – relieve yourself from the burden of stock management only by setting the maximum number of submissions. In this way, the form will be deactivated automatically when it reaches the number you set. You can even restrict submissions by IP or location.
  • Add field rules – even though you will have a complicated order form, it has to seem simple from the customer. Field rules allow you to predict the actions the will make on form and trigger extra questions depending on their answer. This way they will have to answer only the questions related to their own purchase desire.
  • Brand the entire form  – you have full control over the form appearance to make it brand aligned. From logo, images, fonts and colors, all are customizable and easy to use. This way your order form will be visually beautiful and enticing to fill in.

Facebook order form

Complex order forms are at your fingertips, easy to use and efficient to implement into your Facebook page. So no matter if you use them for special campaigns to advertise products on a certain period or they are your sole purchase methods, make sure to try them and use them into your own advantage.

Maybe you’ll give them a try for a special sale on Valentine’s Day or maybe you have a great deal for the Super Bowl craze to advertise. Let us know how it worked in the comments section below.

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