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by 123FormBuilder

Do you sometimes get that feeling when you look for something (like an umbrella), in a rush, and don’t seem to find it anywhere although you have a sense of it hiding awfully near? And then you eventually come upon it unexpectedly, right when you gave up searching or don’t need the thing anymore. Great.

In a similar way, people sometimes contact our Customer care team to report that they get lost when trying to enable certain settings on their forms, and can’t seem to find the controls easily. Not good, we thought. We don’t want people to feel like looking for the needle in the haystack when working with our service. So we got down to work and we’ve put up a list with all the choke points in our platform where our users are stumbling or they find themselves with no clue on how to get around. One of those areas has been the Notifications section, where you can choose the signals triggered by forms after submission.

Result is that our developers worked hard in bringing a total makeover to the old’ish Notifications. The implementation is based on the feedback received from our awesome users, on UX research and, of course, on the inspiration of our Product Designer. Read on and find out what has changed for the better.

The new Notifications: better looks and improved functionality

form notifications

In order to reach the Notifications section, the path is the same as before: log in to your account, select the form you want to work with and go to the Settings step. Notifications is the first tab in line.

The new design values simplicity and usability. There is not much to scroll down anymore, and the wording of the options is much more intuitive (or at least we hope so). Most of the functionality has been preserved, whilst some important new features are now added to simplify your tasks.

You will soon notice that Notifications are now divided in two parts. First are the Form Owner Options, that pertain to the person who created the form, namely you, with the email address you used to create the 123FormBuilder account. Secondly, there come the Form User Options, regarding the messages that form visitors receive after submission.

form owner options

Options for receiving email notifications upon form submission can be set at the Form Owner level. You can create rules in order to divert certain submissions to other email addresses than yours – if, for instance, there are other people in your organization that manage communication with certain leads coming from your forms. A new addition is that you can now set multiple conditions for the notification rules.

form rules

At the Form Owner level you can also customize the way your email notifications look. The Header and Content part includes the name and email you’d like to see in your inbox as message sender), message subject, and the Email template which sets the message content. A new feature here allows you as a form owner to customize the subject of the emails that come from your form each time you receive a new submission. You can now include one or multiple field values filled in by form users. For example, if you have an event registration form filled in by the visitor Jane Doe, your email subject can be something like “Event registration: Jane Doe”. This way, you’ll be able to browse through emails faster and identify each of your form entries better.

We tend to speak more about email notifications, but definitely SMS notifications are still around. You can find them among the Form Owner options too.

The second level contains the Form User Options (pertaining to the Sender, so the person who has made the submission). This is the land where you can set the autoresponder that will go to form users, and also define the Thank You portion of the form. As before, you can still direct people to a simple Thank You message, or to an URL of yours, and even both at the same time.

form user options

Those of you who are keen on details will surely notice another update: the Submissions Copy is now separated from the Email Template, so that if you want to send form users a copy of what they had filled in, you will be able to customize its sender address and other details too, independently from your main email template.

We hope that the new Notifications section does meet your expectations and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. This type of usability-focused redesign will be extended to other sections of our form builder very soon, so that you could build forms, surveys, polls and quizzes at lightspeed. We might actually have a speed contest on building web forms around here.
Stay tuned for more great updates and have fun creating your forms and surveys!

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