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WebMergeHave you ever felt the need to convert your form entries into customizable PDF or Office documents? If your answer is “yes”, chances are that you’re already familiar with the 123FormBuilder features for easy export of data to CSV (the universal Excel-like spreadsheet format) and for printing submissions to PDF. Today though, you’re in for a big twist. How about having the documents already generated for you automatically with each form submission, without you having to do a export every time? Yes my friends, this is possible in our world, and the name of the service that does the hard document work is WebMerge.

When we were contacted by the cool folks at WebMerge to do a feature together, we had one of those beautiful “a-ha” moments seeing all the things that their service could do. Creating custom Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations or PDFs out of form submissions (and even upload your own “fillable” PDFs which you can further complete) is piece of cake for WebMerge.

For cases you have multi-purpose web forms that get filled in with various concerns in mind, you will find the Data Routing feature of WebMerge very useful. It gives you the option of generating different documents from a single data feed, so that a single web form such as a request-a-quote form would send data separately to PDFs, Word documents and more, depending on your needs. This is golden in business contexts such as sales, customer support, HR and more.

And now to cut the waiting: yes, you can make 123FormBuilder work with WebMerge, even though for the moment there is no official integration at hand. How to generate documents from your form submissions? It’s simple: through Zapier, the platform that makes it possible to synchronize pairs of apps and automate tasks between them. We are present on Zapier and so is WebMerge, so pairing the two is easy as 1-2-3. When integrating 123FormBuilder with other apps through Zapier, keep in mind that our free Basic plan offers you 100 actions per day, while all Premium plans give you unlimited access.

Create documents on the run

Let’s take an use case. Say you are in charge of recruiting new staff for a department in your company. You are using a Job Application Form created with 123FormBuilder to collect candidates’ resumes, their contact data and even ask them a few preparatory questions. You will then need to convert applications into PDF documents to print and hand out to your person in charge with interviews, to have them at hand when selected candidates show up.

To achieve this, there is a bit of clicking around Zapier but it’s nothing too fussy or technical. Let’s see. The first thing you need to do is, of course, create a form and a new document template in WebMerge where you would like to send data to. Assuming you have a Zapier account (free plan available!), just follow the steps below.

123FormBuilder and WebMerge through Zapier

1. Access your Zapier and click on Make a Zap!

2. Select 123FormBuilder in the left and set the trigger as a New Submission. For the second app, choose WebMerge and as a trigger Create Document Merge.

3. Authenticate your 123FormBuilder and WebMerge accounts in Zapier using the API keys you can retrieve from your account in both applications.

4. You will be asked to Filter 123FormBuilder triggers. Select your Job Application Form from the dropdown list.

5. Match up submissions with the desired WebMerge document by selecting it from a similar dropdown that appears below.

6. If you made it through this step, stop holding your breath. You are near the finish line and everything is going on well. What it’s happening now is that the fillable fields in your WebMerge document are displayed to you in Zapier. They each have a button saying Insert 123FormBuilder fields. Just click it and sync the form fields you need, where you need them.

7. Name your Zap something recognizable and save it.

That’s it! From now on, Zapier will check for form submissions at the interval you set (15 minutes by default). This means that regularly, new WebMerge documents will be generated from the 123FormBuilder Job Application Form. You can have them delivered to you through email, or sent over to a file storage app WebMerge integrates with: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SignNow, RightSignature and EchoSign.

Got some ideas on how you may use the integration? We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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