Conversion Rate Optimization Tips: How To Improve Form Conversions [Infographic]

As a business owner, you’ve surely come across this issue – how can you attract more leads with your landing pages? 

Having the perfect design and copy isn’t enough if your online form doesn’t do the trick. In order to convince people to volunteer their data and transform them from simple visitors into customers or subscribers, there are a plethora of little things you can implement and optimize, both on your page and on your form. 

But what is this almighty Conversion Rate?

Simply put, it measures the number of people who submit your form out of the total number of website visitors. 

E.g. 100 people visit your landing page, and 10 of them fill out your form, resulting in a 10% conversion rate.

A reality check…

…reveals that, when creating an online form, most form builders rely purely on assumptions instead of A/B testing each structural element. This happens even with form abandonment above 75% in 2018. And when people skip your online form, there are only 33% chances they will return to complete the process, according to SaleCycle

Now, for your business, this means lost sales and leads!


Did you know that…

people entering a contest will fill out 10 form fields with a 28% submission rate, while contact forms have the lowest conversion rate (3%)? 


We know what you’re thinking: this leaves so much room for improvement. And you’re right! Starting with… well, the end, and that is the Submit button. In fact, you should never ever “Submit”. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Follow the infographic below to discover a few rock-solid ways to hit the ground running with your lead gen forms

First of all, find out what a good form conversion rate is. 

We’ve then covered the best practices to increase web form conversion rate, from where it’s best to place your form in the geometry of the landing page, what UX and design tweaks are the most helpful and what content upgrades you might want to try out. 

Lastly, keep in mind that the form optimization process can’t be based on mere guesses but on permanent testing and data analysis. So make sure you track those form conversions at all times.

After all, your users are telling you what to do. So listen carefully. 

Ways to Improve Form Conversion Rates

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Good luck and a great conversion rate to you!


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