Connect People With Your Cause: Launching 123FormBuilder for NationBuilder


by 123FormBuilder

What do activists and mayors, bloggers and the entertainment industry, restaurants and political parties all have in common? Our answer: NationBuilder, world’s first community organizing system – an intuitive, affordable, complete platform that helps initiators grow their communities and obtain support to achieve great things. Today we are proud to release our dedicated form making app for NationBuilder. 123FormBuilder, that has already been added to the NationBuilder App directory, brings you all the means to engage with your public through forms.

Why are forms so necessary for your organization? Well, as we all know, life of a community manager requires having contact with people at every step of the way. In order to be successful at everything you organize and keep the community spirit alive, you need the right interface of communication with your audience.

NationBuilder offers you the means to structure your website, communications (social media included), finances and your people profiles. In this landscape, 123FormBuilder for NationBuilder, as the app name itself implies, helps NationBuilder customers create web forms and surveys and publish them on their websites: pro web forms that can be customized in just a few clicks. There is nothing to download or install, just sign up for an account and start building your forms. 123FormBuilder for NationBuilder is available to all users, starting from the free Basic plan. Contact forms for your website, feedback surveys around your movement, online political letters to gather new adhesion for your initiative and any other type of form – all can be created with no coding and posted on your websites created with NationBuilder CMS as easy as 1-2-3!

NationBuilderAnd hold on: building web and mobile forms and surveys is just the beginning. After you have your forms ready, there comes the data management part, our favorite. 123FormBuilder helps you grow your NationBuilder dynamic people profiles with information captured by your web forms. All you need to do is integrate your form with your NationBuilder account the way described in our how-to guide.

At every form entry, fresh data will get stored in the People section of your nation. 123FormBuilder lets you assign certain profiles to your submissions using NationBuilder people tags in order to categorize your data for further filtering. All 123FormBuilder fields can be associated with tags, with certain few exceptions (headings, HTML blocks, social buttons, Google Maps, image fields).

Tags come particularly useful when you need to create distribution lists for, say, targeted email blasts or custom RSVPs for events you hold, and wish to address a precise segment of the public that gravitates around your nation. You won’t have to spend time sifting through mountains of unorganized data – all information that enters your nation from your forms is already sorted, you just need to pick the category you wish to address and then craft your message accordingly.

There are many reasons you should use 123FormBuilder for NationBuilder; here are our top 3:

Flexibility to build all forms your nation needs. You can build any web forms and surveys and structure them with any design you need, fit multiple columns on a row, enable dynamic field rules and conditional logic to match the users’ behavior and many more features that make the salt and pepper of form creation.
Cross-platform compatibility. Your forms will display well on any desktop and mobile device. Moreover, they work on regular web pages as well as on social media, blogs and any web environment.
Easiness to monitor results. Your reports are updated in real time, and you can view information imported by your web forms in NationBuilder’s People database with every new submission.

… and last but not least, 123FormBuilder is intuitive and requires no coding skills (neither will it aim to teach you how to code in the process). Anybody in your community can build and administer forms, without needing to be particularly tech-savvy.

We hope you will enjoy using 123FormBuilder for your nation and we are looking forward to your feedback! Share your thoughts below or get in touch with us on Twitter!

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