Case Study: QR Code Forms for Missing Dogs


by 123FormBuilder

Here, at 123FormBuilder, we are very passionate about – tough guess – web forms. Our central aim is to provide form creation services that are reliable to all intents and purposes. Besides enhancing our main service constantly, we also take great enthusiasm in exploring our users’ innovative ideas. Below is one such example.

Steve Steinway runs a pet product business, Color Pet Products. His diversified offer of products for dogs comprises a collar that helps owners find their pets in case they get lost. Steve’s idea was the following: attach a QR code to the collar and have it scanned by finders in order to get the owner’s contact data.

Colorpet - QR Code Form

So here’s what Steve and us did. We created a special form that, once filled by the owner, is stored as a read-only copy in our database and can be accessed by everybody.

  • Dog owner goes at Steve’s shop, buys a collar and fills out the form. Steve generates a QR code for the URL of the completed form and places it on the collar. The submissions is stored in our database.
  • Owner changes address. He contacts Steve and let’s him know what the new address is. Steve edits contact data in the form submission – as the administrator, he is the only one who can modify submission content.
  • Dog gets lost. Finder scans the QR code attached to the collar and the form URL opens in his browser. He gets the owner’s contact data and calls him up. Dog is happy.

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us and, together, we’ll bring them to life!

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