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As a citizen, you may sometimes feel the urge to ask for government support in particular issues of the community. In fact, this is what democracy is all about: regular people who express their opinion over public matters and have an influence towards national affairs. How can you speak out for your issues in front of authorities? Write ’em a political letter that will get attention!

Speak out loud!

First things first: you need to prove that your cause is popular. For some reason, politicians are known to be among the busiest people on earth. They are receiving tons of letters on various topics every day. Regardless if you intend to contact the Congress, the foreign minister or the mayor, if you don’t want your letter to land into “the round folder” (a. k. a. the paper bin), you should accumulate as many support signatures as you can.

The easiest way to gather adherents is to send your petition along with a form. With 123FormBuilder you can create relevant political form letters that will help you acquire all the needed signatures for your cause. These forms are the perfect companion to your page of requests. You can disseminate them via e-mail, social media or through your own website.

Putting things together. How to create a political form letter using 123FormBuilder

This is very simple, as we have included a Political Form Letter in the collection of 123FormBuilder free form templates. Just sign in to your 123FormBuilder account, click on Create New Form and choose Other form, to pick the template from our gallery. Then choose Create new form using this template and edit it.

Political Form Letter template

You can personalize the headline with the name of your cause, write a word of introduction or change the color theme. Right above the Submit (Send letter) button, there is an explanatory message in small characters. You may link here to the privacy policy of your website, or jot down other details. As you already know, you can customize just about everything about the forms you build with 123FormBuilder, so go on and shape your political form letter in any way you wish.

Good luck and Godspeed with your cause!


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  1. Thank you too, Kat, and good luck! Don’t forget you can customize the appearance of the form template to make it your own, add or remove fields if you need. Oh, and maybe you could share the outcome with us when time comes 🙂

  2. Thank you for providing these! It’s a perfect solution for a campaign I am planning to send to our local authorities in my city. 🙂

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