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Education is one of the fields in which keeping up with the new trends it’s crucial for further development. Changes appear each day and educators must get accustomed with new technologies. Including technology in classrooms can be a great assessment for your education process, a time saving solution and a way to better approach students and parents. Learning, evaluating and getting to know your students better can be easier with the aid of proper apps.

If you are wondering how to keep tabs on all the new trends in education technology, there are a set of useful resources discussing means and methods to improve the learning process for your students. Remember that chosen carefully these will ease your work and enhance your efficiency. Following websites that write about this subject will make it easier to understand all new information, to connect with other fellow educators and to research only the specific topic you are interested in. You will find categories for each education level with solutions customised to your needs.

Edudemic is one if the leading education technology sites on the web. Its purpose is to enable educators all around the world to discover resources. Here you will find useful resources for educators regarding devices, apps, news, online tools and many more. In addition, there is a section dedicated to students, where you can find online learning tools and other useful information.

Edudemic hompage

HowToLearn can be a valuable source for reading news about education directly from experts in the fields and teachers with wide experience. The articles are various and have a clear overview, categorised in subjects on interest. Beside they also offer services to help you with courses and student coaching.

Howtolearn homepage

BusyTeacher is focused on English  as a second language for a niche of education, and can provide relevant ideas for your class activities. It has a generous database of worksheets on many topics, articles with news on the field, reviews for apps and even a puzzle creator. There is a wide community of educators gathered around the website, highly interested in the topics being discussed.

Busy Teacher homepage

Edutopia is dedicated to K-12 documentation, offering reliable solutions to better prepare your students for their future education. Moreover, all the documentation is presented in grade level categories so that you will find it easier to browse. You can also find case studies and best practices of schools that run successful programs or classroom guides which you can use.

Edutopia homepage

Inside Higher Ed – as the name itself states, this is a source for online news about higher education. Here you can find advice about college admissions and even jobs for graduates. Targeted to both students and teachers, this website helps you gather knowledge on higher education easily.

Inside Higher Ed homepage

Beside these websites comprising a complex collection of data, you can also rely on bloggers writing about education. Usually they have extensive knowledge over the field and you may browse through their pages to find more subjective information about education technology, maybe even personal reviews. You can take a look at these following blogs:

Lessons From The Middle written by a grade 7 teacher, here you will find all kind of web resources, own experience articles, reviews of products used in education and even giveaways for educators.

Lessons From the Middle homepage

Kleinspiration has behind a teacher with business background that researches best-practice teaching methods. You can have a look inside her classroom and learn tech tips or even find some freebies to integrate in your classroom.

Kleinspiration homepage

.eduGuru is a blog with a different approach, written for university marketing. It can help college professors and administrators to learn about the best tools to both promote their university and to gain efficiency in the teaching process.

Eduguru homepage


Use these resources wisely and you will discover all the new trend in education, plus find the best ways in which to improve your teaching methods and class activities. When you need educator forms, make sure you check 123FormBuilder!


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  2. Thank you for the resources.

    Please allow me to add to the list.

    It is definitely worth a try. It is web based so it works on all interactive whiteboards and you don’t need training to get the most out of this because it is truly easy to use.

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    Again, thanks,
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