5 Automatic Email Response Examples to Use on Your Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

(Updated 10/4/2019)

Congrats! Submissions are pouring into your web form. Now what?

While web forms are no picnic for those filling them in, you should know that you do have the tools to shape a better user experience.

Autoresponder email tools fall into this category. Once someone submits a form, autoresponders will automatically (and instantaneously) give them a head start on user engagement by sending them a customized email.

Autoresponders are easy to set up and more versatile than you think! Basically, these tools will allow you to send a slick confirmation message, share special offers, attach files, follow up with your customer, and much more.

Here are five great autoresponders you can roll out today:

1. Confirm your respondents that you got their message
If this is applicable, tell them you will get back to them and how soon. You can also list your hours and contact details.

Here’s how that autoresponder could look:

Dear [Name],
Thank you for writing to us. We have received your message about [Topic] and will get back to you within 24 hours. Until then, you can give us a call anytime at 555-12345 or email company@companyname.com.
Your (Company name) Team

Note: The information between the brackets [ ] represents your form fields. If you include those fields, each autoresponder will be personalized based on the field’s input for that particular form. You can only include custom variables that are already present in your form before the user’s submission.

2. Assign a number to your form user’s request.
With a feel similar to a helpdesk system, this kind of autoresponder conveys the sense that you have a good overview of the customer’s inquiry.

Here’s how such an autoresponder could sound:

Dear [Name],
Your request was received and assigned following number: [Entry ID]. Please use this number anytime you wish to add some information to this request. We answer as quickly as we can, usually within 24–48 hours.

Here is what you have submitted:
Your Name: [Name]
Your Request: [Request Topic]
Submission Date: [Date]
Please describe your problem: [Problem description].

The (Your company) Team

3. Send a file back to your respondent.
You can use your autoresponder to send form responders a certain file. For example, this could be a discount coupon, an image or a document.

Here’s how an autoresponder with an attachment could look:

Hi [Name]!
Thanks for filling out our form. As promised, you can find your coupon attached to this message. The coupon is valid for any purchase made in our online store through December 31. This coupon cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Happy shopping!
The (Your company) Team

4. Include a promotional message in your autoresponder.
For example, if your respondent just filled out an online order form, you can include a link to a special offer tailored to their interest.

Here’s how this autoresponder could look:

Dear [Name],
Thank you for shopping with us. We have received your order and will process it shortly. Your goods will be shipped within 7 working days to the address you provided: [Address].

Have you checked out our special product offer yet? Click here (link to your products’ webpage) for our best deals.

See you soon,
Your (Company name) Team

5. Use your autoresponder to invite people to take a survey, a poll or a feedback form.
Just place the link to the new form in the autoresponder body of the form your respondents already submitted.

Here’s how it could look:

Hi [Name],
Thanks for your interest in our products. Your message got safely to us, and we are looking into it.

Because we want to serve you better, we’d like to ask you if you would help us improve our services for you, by filling out a very short feedback form (place the link to your feedback form).

Thanks for choosing us!
The (Your company) Team

Amp Up Your Autoresponders in 123FormBuilder

Every web form you build in 123FormBuilder offers a variety of autoresponder functions in addition to your basic acknowledgment email.

123FormBuilder lets you…

  • Schedule an autoresponder for delivery at a later time
    There are many reasons to delay autoresponder emails to your respondents. Perhaps you’d prefer to align correspondence with your business hours. Maybe you have a series of product tips and tricks to dispatch every two weeks. Or maybe next quarter is a good time to follow up with your prospect and see how things are going.
  • Attach files to an autoresponder
    Deliver a mailing label, an invoice, a performance ticket. You name it. The file can live on your host or our servers. Learn more about autoresponder attachments.
  • Send customized autoresponders
    You can create multiple autoresponders, then have the appropriate autoresponder (or none at all!) sent based on user input. For example, send a welcome e-mail for a user who ticks “Please add me to your mailing list. Check out our guide to confirmation rules.

Key Takeaways for Top-Notch Autoresponders

Personalize your messages
Use custom variables like the ones shown above [between brackets], to create a unique customer experience for each user. Remember, you can only use the field types that you included in your form.

Be relevant and useful
Don’t state the obvious that “someone somewhere will read their request,” and don’t make promises you cannot keep, such as an unrealistic timeline for handling user inquiries.

Mobile first
Keep your graphics and attachment file sizes small as many users will open these emails on mobile devices.

Any questions or suggestions? Drop us a line!


  1. Hi, can you create an automated email response with a contact form where the user should fill in some additional info so the query gets to the right department?

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