Order Form Design Inspiration That Can Boost Your Sales

There’s no such thing as a single business recipe that is valid for everybody. The same applies to order forms, as they come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. However, one thing is certain: technology is bliss when it comes to building flows that you need for increased revenue, so using payment forms to collect payments online is the silver bullet in this case.

And that’s why I want to showcase some amazing order form designs built with 123FormBuilder that could inspire you, because actions speak louder than words. And who knows, you might get inspired by these web forms.

The Donation Form

Non-profit organizations that have signed up on our platform during the years have benefited from tremendous features, among the most used being donation forms with live payment collection. We also provide a 20% discount for NPOs that upgrade to a premium plan.
Customers have started with our default donation form template, and after rigorous customization, created amazing donation forms as the one below.

donation form template

>> Click here for the live version <<

Key features:

  • Distributing donations to different PayPal accounts through a single web form.
  • Optimizing online fundraising campaigns
  • Expanding awareness on the web
  • Achieving milestones

The Order Form

Since we started back in 2008, a variety of businesses have been processing payments through their order forms over the years. Many of these businesses collect payments in PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net, gateways that are built inside the form builder engine and are easy to setup. From selling t-shirts to aircraft parts, 123FormBuilder has proven its flexibility for any business case scenario. You can start with the order form template, customize and configure it until you have the form that you need. Take the order form below as an example.

order form template

>> Click here for the live version <<

Key features:

  • Expanding your market
  • Growing your brand on the web
  • Delivering more products
  • Earning more money

The Car Rental Reservation Form

Rental offices have been using 123FormBuilder to make it easier for their customers to reserve their vehicles online. Although their scenarios were different one from another, they shared the same goal – earning money online and keeping the business going. Some of the rental reservation forms were created to generate quotes only, while others charged on submit.

Take for example the car rental reservation form below.

car rental form template

>> Click here for the live version <<

Key features:

  • Increasing business exposure
  • Collecting reservations online
  • Optimizing the rental reservation process – no more paper forms!
  • Improving client satisfaction and business credibility

These were some of the web forms that can inspire any type of online business. What do you think? Would you want to create similar web forms for your business?

Starting with the Platinum plan, you can effortlessly sell and drive your earnings to your payment gateway with smart payment forms.

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