Add your Team and Start Collaborating


by 123FormBuilder

Need an extra helping hand in building that perfect form?

Now’s the perfect time to ask for it – we’re introducing the ability to purchase additional users for your account. This way, you can invite your team to work on creating forms, analyze results and manage every aspect of your forms.

How do they work?

Whenever you add a new user to your account, you basically add an extension of yourself – the new person can edit, create and delete any form you have inside your account. The new user has full access to all features of your current plan.

There are two types of users you can create – standard users or administrators. Administrators can have the same privileges as your master account, but unless the option can manage other users is selected, they won’t have access to the Users section.

Why would I need more users?

There are quite a few scenarios in which extra users would be great:

Team collaboration 

If your organization is using forms for more departments in the same account, it’s usually a pain to manage it by one person. Since sharing login credentials is a security threat which can result in data breaches.

Client management

If you’re a freelancer working on multiple projects, you can give your clients access to their forms by purchasing addition users. This way, they can manage it independently.

How much will it cost?

Each new user you want to add to your account will cost the same amount you’re paying for your current plan.

How to purchase users

You can find the option in the side menu while logged in, under Users -> Get Licenses



adding new users to the 123FormBuilder account
adding users to the 123FormBuilder account

Do you find this new feature helpful? Let us know in the comments below 🙂


  1. Thank you all for the feedback on our pricing policy, we’ve put this issue on the roadmap for next year. Keep in touch!

    Growth Team @ 123FormBuilder

  2. Are these pricing schemes still true (its been a year since the last comment). If so, this is pretty stupid. It would be one thing if additional users were 10% or even 25% the normal price but why in the world would I pay twice just to add a person? My coworker just wants access to the form submissions/excel outputs, but according to this, i would either have to go the Corporate license route (small business, not happening), pay double, or share my account (which is a big security/ToS violation). Please consider updating either this article and/or this policy.

    1. Hello, Cade! Thanks a lot for the feedback, we’ve put this pricing issue on the roadmap for next year.

      Growth Team @ 123 Form Builder

  3. I think the comments here make it very clear that this pricing model is simply out of touch with your competition. You guys really need to change this or you will be left behind by your competitors.

    Your rationale for charging the same for each additional user is ludicrous.

  4. Wow, outrageous. Similar services charge a very nominal price ($2/month!) per user addition. How could anyone possibly think this was a good idea?

    1. Hello,

      We have chosen to implement the purchase of additional users this way because, when an extra user is created, that person has the same access to the complex service we offer to the main account – we find it a reasonable way of pricing that access.

      Moreover, we will continue to develop other features regarding the ability to purchase additional users.

      Your opinion is very helpful for 123FormBuilder and we are investigating the best option regarding this feature.

      Have a sunny day! 🙂

  5. This is so wrong, charging for another user on the same account (and I have a Platinum Level)! I had two additional sub-users BEFORE this change occurred. Now I do not and to add them back, 123 Form Builder wants to charge me 2 more times. I will be looking for another forms service and recommending the same to the countless businesses that I referred 123!!!

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