A Marketers’ Favorite: Launching 123FormBuilder for Marketo


by 123FormBuilder

Marketo-LogoMost of today’s marketers seem forever married. I’m not meaning for the marriage you would expect, but that passionate relationship with their marketing automation software of choice. All of us have a story here, since there are specialized platforms for all the diverse needs in this ever changing field.

Today, ladies and gentlemen of marketing, we are happy to announce our addition to this environment. 123FormBuilder has now plugged a powerful form and survey building module within the world’s top marketing platform known as Marketo.

Explore the integrated 123FormBuilder for Marketo in the LaunchPoint ecosystem right now!

Marketo, your Swiss army knife for customer engagement

What’s the biggest aim for marketers nowadays? Gather consistent leads, a ROI of x percent per campaign… you name it. While numbers do matter, the common denominator here is the need to create a consistent dialogue with your customers, which seems to be the way to achieve good conversions and a positive ROI for any campaign. That in particular is where platforms like Marketo are your best friends.

To most marketers out there, Marketo stands for marketing automation solutions, with special tools for consumer engagement marketing, including real-time personalization and rich marketing management features.

Marketo tools

The VentureBeat State of Marketing Technology Report that we’ve mentioned some time ago certifies the undeniable authority of Marketo, as the second biggest name in market share for marketing automation tools in the world. Also, Marketo is the only marketing automation solution to be present on some of the world’s top-100 websites by traffic, where no other tool of this kind can handle the huge volume of sessions. If you are in charge for marketing at a large institution, this is your go-to marketing software for this reason.

As prospects engage with your marketing campaigns, Marketo scores them based on demographic and behavioral criteria, customized for your business. You can use its intuitive features to draw visual performance reports for your marketing campaigns to stay in control of your marketing performance at all times. To never lose sight of a lead, Marketo brings some easy to set up series of follow-up messages, like a series of welcome emails or SMS.

Email automation with Marketo is the part that probably sounds most familiar. You can use their features to personalize lists with filtering based on various criterias, and have Marketo send emails precisely to your targeted public. For that, of course, you first need to work upon assembling good lists, with accurate and up-to-date contact details. Rich data helps better segmentation. Here is where forms and surveys step in.

123FormBuilder for Marketo: surveys and forms for email marketing…

What if you could stay close to your community and gather data from your prospects on any email campaign? And doing this while keeping the dialogue open with customers and growing your Marketo lists with fresh leads – that would solve some challenges.

It certainly does. The keyword here is smart surveys. You’d agree with us upon the word “smart” because these surveys are data collection tools and engagement tools at the same time, while behaving naturally dynamic when the visitor fills them in. When you need to build them for your own campaigns, we bring the tool to do so. Be introduced to 123FormBuilder’s integrated solution for Marketo, otherwise named 123FormBuilder for Marketo, your way to custom dynamic surveys that you can use along with any Marketo powered email campaign, for opt-in, opt-out and complex data collection.

You can find us in the Marketo LaunchPoint and reach out to us whenever you wish to power your surveys and need a hand. Of course, you can also build web forms of other kinds with 123FormBuilder for Marketo: landing page forms, event registrations and any other customizable form you campaign needs.

123FormBuilder for Marketo

Here is, in a nutshell, the way 123FormBuilder for Marketo works. Once you have built a survey (or form) with the native editor of 123FormBuilder, you will get to synchronize it with your Marketo lists where you wish to import new contacts. You can define how you want to manage those contacts: either subscribe a new lead, or unsubscribe one from your existing list, depending on what your survey is aimed for. The contacts you import via your forms or surveys can also be used in building Smart Lists in Marketo later. For an overview of the quick steps you need to do in order to enable the 123FormBuilder integration with Marketo, see our short guide.

You can use your surveys or forms within your email marketing messages by simply copy-pasting the link 123FormBuilder gives you to the text of your email, right where you need it. Easy as 1-2-3!

… and beyond

Like the little black dress, email marketing is a universal language that has proven its innate magic in ages. However, we aren’t afraid to admit that email marketing can become awfully dull at times – especially if you rely on it alone as a leads source. As a smart marketer you surely think of diversifying your channels of reach in this fast-paced age.

So here’s good news: surveys and forms can live independently from your email too. In fact, you can give them as much independence as you wish: publish them on your website or blog, share them over social channels, include them in mobile campaigns and more. With Marketo and 123FormBuilder, B2B and B2C marketers can move on from simply crafting email campaigns and monitor open rates towards something more complex and beautiful, like harvesting mobile leads, leveraging ad campaigns exposure through targeted landing page forms and so much more.

We are happy to have brought you this new 123FormBuilder integration with Marketo, and would be very glad to hear your thoughts on it.

Ask us about ways to put the forms and surveys for Marketo at work with your own campaign scenario! We would also be happy to hear your thoughts about the integration right from you.

Way to go, 123FormBuilder for Marketo!

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