5 Shortcuts to Streamline Your Form Building Process


by 123FormBuilder

Say sayonara to the days when businesses were administered by filling out piles of paper forms. Now we all know the drawbacks of handling and processing too much paperwork. The step from paper chasing to building online forms without any coding skills has become much easier. Just by taking the step to create your forms online, you’ve already saved a ton of time and effort.

And although with 123FormBuilder you can already create an effective web form in minutes, this article is meant to make your experience even better. How, you ask? By providing you with  a couple of essential time-saving tweaks you can start implementing next time you need to build an online form:

Free form templates

Whether you want to create a contact form, a job application form or a patient registration form, you’ll save time and get inspired by first checking our collection of free form templates. Here you’ll find a wide variety of form templates for various fields, from small business, human resources to healthcare and e-commerce. Choose the one you want and start tweaking it to fit your needs. If, however, you want to start with a blank sheet, adding the fields you need from there, you have that option as well. 

Hiding irrelevant questions

Why build interminable forms with too many fields or a multi-page form without asking yourself if all the fields are relevant for everyone filling out the form? There’s a workaround for you to save effort otherwise lost adding page-breaks to make your forms look shorter and your respondents time answering irrelevant questions. It’s a simple solution but with a huge impact: use form rules to change the behavior of your web forms based on each respondent’s answer. You’ll provide a customized experience and avoid form abandonment. Handy, right?

Advanced settings

Since we were just talking about providing a personalized experience, again, you can do just that by unlocking even more functionalities form the Advanced settings section. It will help you make your respondents form filling experience easier and more pleasant. From allowing them to save the submission and resume later to showing missed answers if that’s the case, you will be able to choose the form settings you find appropriate.  

Real-time preview

Now this feature comes in quite handy! Once you start dragging and dropping or editing fields from the left panel, your form will be updated automatically. The Preview button will allow you to see the changes you’ve made in real-time with the click of a button. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

view form in editor

Asking for support

Are you stuck, experiencing technical issues or you need assistance? No worries. Help is just a few clicks away. You can drop us an email at support@123formbuilder.com or start a talk via live chat. Together we’ll find the solution that best meets your needs.


123FormBuilder live chat

That’s about it for now. We hope you found these simple tweaks useful to get your projects up and running and keep in mind that with these, you’re still only scratching the surface of our form builder’s depths. So go ahead and play around!

Got your own examples of shortcuts that have simplified your form building process? Share them in the comments!

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