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by 123FormBuilder

Today is a great day for science, and for… well, web form building. We are so happy to announce the total revamp in the design and intelligence of our Payments section. From now on, you have not just form payments, but a custom payment calculator too; not just transactions but guidance for your clients all the way through. You now have all the power to customize your order forms and make your customers happy. Prepare to be amazed: your forms just grew new and unpreceded capacities of gathering secure online payments.

Heavily requested by our awesome customers, the new Payments section adds new blood to the already popular Payments tab that our form editor had in years. So many success stories along the way featuring massive numbers in donations and payments tie to the Payments module of 123FormBuilder, that it got us thinking. Thus, we felt it was time to bring the game to a new level.

For small businesses as well as large corporations, for NPOs of all shapes and sizes, and for everybody in-between, web forms that can accept online payments are an essential tool. The newly launched Payments module responds to the need of powering form transactions with or without redirect in a fast and easy way.

In the dawn of this new age, we invite you to take a look at the many ways you can grow your business using form payments and calculations – of course, without any coding to do.

What’s new: advanced payment calculator + more…

Man, we’ve gone a long way! From the basic order forms of yesterday to the complex payment forms you’re now able to customize with your own hands, what has been static and simple is now dynamic and adaptable to your own needs.

We’ve made existing tools handier, such as the integration with the payment processors of your choice. Also, we’ve added new features that shorten your path to a successful transaction, allowing you to focus on the real task: getting the dough in.

To get a complete picture of this new ground, let’s break it down to pieces and analyze every part of the payment process, now much smoothened and streamlined.

Calculations. Until now, you could just assign certain price values to your fields or take into consideration the amount your customers request to pay. Now you can also have your form calculate the correct value out of variables by creating your own advanced formulas that involve form fields and operators such as plus (+), minus (-), multiplication (*), division (/), and parenthesis. You can perform calculations upon fields that contain numbers and even other variables such as date or time.

Payment summary. As your customers select the items on your form that they wish to purchase, the natural thing to do is show them the amount of money they would have to pay at checkout, so that they won’t need to perform a mental calculation. This is now possible thanks to the options for payment summary included in the new Payments module.

payments summary

You can customize the way the summary is being calculated by taking into account price discounts and/or taxes, to all items or just to a selected few. Like before, you can choose to let visitors use coupon codes while paying with your form.

When displaying the payment summary to your customers, you have three variants:

  • showing the payment summary below the form along with a Calculate button
  • showing the summary after the form is submitted
  • showing a real-time payment summary on the form, that assists users as they make their picks out of your listed items

The last option is the most intuitive, because it lets clients adjust their selections live, just as with an online shopping cart.

Payment processors. With 123FormBuilder you can gather payments using your favorite payment gateways, and add even several processors at once, on the same form: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Sage Pay,, PayFast and Sisow. In the new Payments section it’s easier than ever to organize the way you receive those money in your account. You can choose the processor, the currency and whether you’d like to set a recurring payment – i.e. for subscriptions or membership taxes. We also offer a sandbox mode for testing payments.

payment processors

Notifications. You as the form owner can opt to be notified about the entry either right after the user submits the form or after the payment has been processed. You can also choose to have 123FormBuilder send your customer a confirmation email after the payment has been processed, to let him know that everything went on fine.

For step by step instructions on how to enable each category of options on your form, you can always count on our Knowledge Base resources on payments. And of course, when in need feel free to drop us a line by live chat for immediate assistance from a member of our team.

Payments and calculations in our daily lives

Making your existence easier, this is the purpose of the new Payments module. You can use it for powering all kinds of transactions with your web forms, from selling goods and services online to accepting donations or contributions from outside sources.

For example, let’s assume that you are in the tourism business and you need a web form to book reservations for your hotel. You can start by including a field that asks visitors what type of accommodation they need, and assign a price per night for each. Then, it’s wise to ask for their check in and check out dates. Calculating the total price afterwards is piece of cake. For the sake of easiness, just include a new field on your form that can be named Number of nights, and make it hidden. In the Assign Values or Formulas to Fields part, set a calculation rule that will sum up the number of nights by the formula: Departure date – Arrival date. Afterwards, use the Number of nights in a formula that will multiply it by the price per night, and you will have the total price per stay.


There are so many more uses to the calculations features on your forms, outside the context of payments. This wholesome built-in calculations module really thinks and reacts! You can employ it into any scenario that involves forms rendering a value out of formulas that involve numbers – for instance calculating:

  • body mass index (BMI)
  • pregnancy due date
  • hours worked per day
  • number of calories from a meal

… and anything you can think of, sky is the limit.


On this occasion, we are launching a creativity challenge: comment to this article with a link of a form that includes an interesting calculation, or use case for the new Payments section, and you can become featured in our Hall of Fame, the Live Examples category. Good luck!

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